Marmorino Naturale

MARMORINO NATURALE by OIKOS is a decorative, vapour permeable, coloured lime putty coating for interior and exterior. The product allows to achieve easily and quickly to beautiful decorative effects known as “marmorino”. The thickess of MARMORINO NATURALE by OIKOS allow to decorate and to hide small imperfections of the wall at once, thus saving on expensive screedings. The product creates a stable link with the surface, preserving the vapour permeability of the whole wall structure. The product also impedes the development of moulds and bacterial colonies. MARMORINO NATURALE can be either matt or gloss, in this second case when coated and polished with PURE LIME FINISH by OIKOS. MARMORINO NATURALE by OIKOS has a low odour level, is non inflammable and is friendly to both humans and the environment.

Technical Data
Safety Data Sheet