About RefineDesign

RefineDesign offers the highest quality products for designs that mirror the taste and personality of each customer. Our products are distinguished through their unique structure and colors that perfectly blend with the customers’ ideas for an aesthetic but also durable result.

In our team we have applicators with extensive experience, both on the Italian market as well as the Romanian one, with numerous active projects, mainly in the area of decorative interior design.

We also offer a wide portfolio of products, from which you can choose colors and designs, according to your needs and personality.

And, because we know that the right choice is never simple, our counselors will help you throughout the entire span of your project.


We founded RefineDesign with the certainty that we can transform the interior of any ordinary room into an artwork, with the help of our quality products and the experience of our team.


Are you tired of the classic colors and their banality? RefineDesign aims to improve the atmosphere of any space you want redesigned with our unique tinctures and the creativity of our team.

Our projects